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  • interviews
  • make a profile
  • upload recordings of your voice, songs, sounds and videos and have the potential to sell
  • cymatics
  • paid members get featured on the home page and maybe on the side of every page too
  • live jams/streams Jam with your friends online, create bands and put on shows for a live stream audience
  • schedule events, broadcast/advertise, sell tickets
  • Visitors with free profile and Members can vote and comment on songs and videos
  • Voice Actors and Voice Actor Jobs
  • Get a Gig
  • Tips on Navigating/Using the Site

Profile Page:

User’s personal profile page

  • upload pics, videos, songs
  • set up playlists
  • follow their favorite artists
  • purchase tickets to live stream events (and eventually live-live events)


Genre Searches

(spotify is well)


Premade playlists

–generate your genre into playlists based on genre, # of plays, like artists, etc.

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About Quivladmin

I hope for this site to be pretty awesome. Upload your audio and media. Connect with musicians around the world. Find gigs. Form bands.
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